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Melasma Treatment With The TriBeam Laser

posted on: August 21, 2014

Melasma is a condition that causes brown to grey-brown patches to form on the face, it is thought to be related to hormones so women are far more likely than men to get this condition. Since hormones are also a trigger factor, melasma is common during pregnancy and often called “the mask of pregnancy”.  Melasma can sometimes fade on its own after giving birth or when a women stops birth control pills, but when Melasma does not fade on it’s own it can be very difficult to treat. Treatment options for Melasma include bleaching creams, chemical peels and laser treatments. In the above video you can see how I treat Melasma with the TriBeam Laser, an effective and painless treatment for this frustrating condition.

Sclerotherapy: Goodbye Spider Veins

posted on: April 9, 2014

With a name like SPIDER veins you know nothing is going to be pretty about these these little guys. Spider veins  are thin red, purple or blue lines or web-like networks of blood vessels that appear on your legs and feet. Many factors contribute to developing spider veins including:

  • Genetics
  • Pregnancy
  • Weight gain
  • Standing on your feet or crossing your legs for extended periods of time

While they are harmless, many people avoid showing their legs because of this unsightly condition. These blood vessels are not important in supplying blood to your lower extremities, they are only present to annoy us! It’s estimated that at least half of all women are bothered by this common cosmetic problem. Sclerotherapy is the “gold-standard” procedure used to eliminate spider veins. Sclerotherapy involves near painless injections of a solution that irritates the lining of the blood vessel, causing it to swell and stick together and the blood to clot.  The veins look worse immediately after treatment and can take a few weeks to improve so make sure you plan this procedure well in advance of any special events or vacations. Check out a sclerotherapy treatment in action in this video.

Micropen: Skin Needling

posted on: December 23, 2013

One of my most popular procedures as of late has been Skin Needling with the Eclipse Micropen. It’s a great procedure because it treats lots of concerns (acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, pore size, etc…) It’s also great because there is little downtime and it can be preformed on any skin type. You can do skin needling as often as monthly or do it right before a big event for a little glow. See it in action in the video above.

Some commonly asked questions about Skin Needling:

1. How many sessions do you need? It depends on what you are having treated. Acne scars can take 5-8 treatments to see improvement. You can do skin needling as often as monthly to maintain your skin or do a few sessions prior to a big event like a wedding.

2. How much down time? Usually redness is gone/easily covered with make-up the next day. If we are treating deeper scaring or wrinkles you may have redness/brusing that lasts 3-4 days.

3. Are at-home derma rollers just as good? When we use something like the Micropen in the office we are able to pierce the skin much deeper than what you can do with the at-home derma roller. While I think the at home derma rollers can help improve skin tone I do think you will see more results with a Micropen treatment.

4. Does it hurt? It’s really not that bad. We use a topical numbing cream that makes the procedure very tolerable. Some areas of the face with less fat (forehead and nose) hurt a little more but it’s very doable.