Pre-Physician Assistant Internship Program

posted on: January 12, 2016

Pre-PA Internship Program Physician Assistant


I am so excited to share this with all of my Pre-PA folks. I have been working hard to develop a Pre-PA internship program for those who are on the path to become a Physician Assistant. As a PA I know one of the most difficult things to obtain while prepping for PA programs are shadow opportunities or hours working directly with a Physician Assistant. I receive many inquiries from pre-pa students looking to shadow me at my office. Unfortunately, I am not able to accommodate most of those requests due to my schedule and the nature of my job. While I was not able to provide sporadic shadowing opportunities for students I still longed to somehow help pre-pa students because I know how difficult the journey can be to become a PA. I began to think if there was some way I could share my knowledge and experiences with those seeking guidance. After much work this Pre-PA Internship Program was born. This internship program allows pre-pa students to work side-by-side with myself, other PAs and Physicians to experience health care and see what we do day to day. We are currently interviewing candidates for our inaugural class. Read more about this program below and if you would like more information about applying please contact for more information.

Pre-PA Internship Program

The Physician Assistant Internship Program is available for college students who demonstrate a strong and sincere interest in becoming physician assistants. This program provides volunteers the opportunity to experience health care from a clinical perspective through patient contact and volunteer experience. Volunteers are trained to assist physician assistants or physicians, who, in turn, are able to share their personal experiences with their volunteers.

What does a volunteer do?

Time spent in the program proves invaluable because it provides each volunteer with an “in-the trenches” experience in a real medical setting. Volunteers are respected as professional members of a patient care team. As a result, they gain an insiders’ understanding of the operations of a medical office- an experience which helps them determine their specific course for future studies. Students support physician assistants or physicians by performing such tasks as checking in patients, assisting in procedures, acting as scribe for PA and additional duties as requested.

What is the time commitment? 

To participate in the Physician Assistant Internship Program, students must have graduated high school. Volunteers must fill out application and proof of a permanent residence. A minimum of a 6 month commitment, volunteering four hours a week. Shifts are M-F  8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm depending on availability. You are required to work one shift per week and are welcome to work more. If you miss your assigned shift you must make it up. In order to complete the program in good standings you must complete 100 volunteer hours with in the 6 month program.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone age 18 and older, currently attending college or who already has a degree is eligible for the Pre-PA Internship program.

Where is this program located?

Skin Physicians and Surgeons. 859 East Foothill Blvd. Upland, CA 91786. (909) 981-8929


  • Brook

    Hi Erin,

    My name is Brook and this opportunity sounds amazing so kuddos to you and the team for putting this together. I’m currently researching post-bacc premed programs, but a program like this would definitely help me as I embark this journey towards dermatology. Although, I think I’d be a great fit, the problem is that I’m in NYC. Wtih that being said, do you know of any other offices with a similar program like this. I have been asking dermatologists around the city if they would allow me to shadow for a day or days, but I get denied because I’m not a pre-med or medical student.

    Please advise!


    • Erin

      Hey Brook,
      I do not know of another program like this, that’s why I’m starting it. Try to look up PAs through the AAPA or the New York PA society. It’s very hard to find these shadowing hours. You just need to keep asking around and hope someone says yes. Good luck!

  • Sammeon


    My name is Sammeon , I’m 17 years old and I have Extremely dry hands ! I’ve tried almost every moisturizing product and at home remedy to try to get rid of the dead skin that’s built up on my hands . I’ve tried Mr.Coffee bean Scrub , Dove moisturizing Wash BUT I JUST CANT GET RID OF THE DEAD DRY SKIN ! I’ve become so embarrassed that I don’t like shaking people hands & I hide my hands in my pockets at times . I just want A working solution so that I can get back the smooth soft hands I had before.

  • Kristen Johnson

    Hi Erin!

    My name is Kristen ans I am currently a junior at Florida State University, moving to the Los Angeles area in May of 2017 after graduating. I will be applying to PA schools to attend in Southern California and would absolutely love to partake in this program! When do you suggest me applying given my move to California is still over a year out? I look forward to hear back from you! Thanks so much!

    • Erin

      Hi Kristen,
      I currently have a waiting list for applicants. Please fill out an application now so you’ll be at the top of the waiting list when space becomes available. You can find it in the Pre-PA tab at the top of the page.