The Best Summer Hats: PA picks

posted on: May 27, 2015



Yes I love jewelry…purses are nice too…but my favorite accessory is a lovely, wide-brimmed hat! It can make me feel a little like Carmen San Diego, but what makes me love wearing hats the most is the added sun protection for my face, scalp and décolletage.

Below are a few of my favorite styles. Of course a baseball cap is better than nothing, but the bigger the brim, the better the skin!



Oversized Straw Hat in Color Block

Neutral colors that can go with anything…and straw you can wipe clean? Perfect around my kiddos


Florence Wide Brim Straw Hat

This London company has been making hats since 1773, so they must be doing something right! I love the texture of the straw, looks sturdy.


Gloria Hat

Ever since Jessica Alba was caught wearing this hat, it has been hard to track down. You can find other Janessa Leone hats on, I particularly like this style because it has a nice feminine touch to a usually masculine Panama style


Summertime Hat

Top off your outfit with a punch of Indigo-this hat is made in Australia by Seafolly, a company which has made summer the epicenter of their image since 1975.


Black Straw Oversized Hat

Detail. DETAIL! I love the chain tassel and the pattern on the brim.


Shooter Hat

For those who like a more structured brim, this hat by Brixton is a cool choice. Comes in different sizes, unisex.


Straw Floppy Hat in Color Block

Another hat by ASOS, this one is particularly fabulous because the colors would be great to wear during my family 4th of July celebration in Newport. Enough red white and blue to feel patriotic, but  the colors are subtle enough that the hat can be worn year round. The brim size is dreamy!


Wide Brim Fedora

Absolute classic. Catarzi is an Italian-Based hat company that has ben a family run operation since 1910. I am a big fan of established companies that are known for their craftsmanship


Best Summer Hats Anthropologie IMG_8586 IMG_8587 IMG_8588

My Hat: Anthropologie. Found HERE