White Coat Wednesday: What I am Wearing

posted on: May 20, 2015

Medelita White Lab Coat Physician Assistant

The medical white coat has a lot of history behind it. Physicians adopted the white coat from scientists to emphasize the transition to the more scientific, modern medicine approach from the quackery of 19th century medicine. The modern white coat was also introduced as a symbol of cleanliness. Depending on the facility/speciality you encounter you may find your provider wearing scrubs, a white coat, business attire or flip-flops and shorts like one OB/GYN I rotated with (delivering babies=messy. so… no thanks). I choose to wear business attire and my white coat about 80% of the time. The other 20% you’ll find me in scrubs depending on what procedures I’m preforming that day.

This is the latest M3 Etsie lab coat from Medelita. I seriously cannot get enough of their lab coats, I have more than I can count. And the material is so soft and the fit is impeccable. As a medical professionally you work YEARS/DECADES to get to the point of privileged of wearing a white coat so why not splurge and get a nice one?

Dress: Maggy London (0ld) Similar: HERE

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