Baby #3 is a…

posted on: May 13, 2015

Gender Reveal Piñata

I must say, I was ready to see 2014 go. Last year was a rough one- to say the least.

I found out I was pregnant for the 3rd time earlier in the year. The love and joy that my first 2 children had brought into my life made me feel so excited to welcome our new addition. 10 weeks into pregnancy I suffered a miscarriage, something I was not prepared for, but who really is?

I never considered the possibility of having a miscarriage, although approximately 20% of pregnancies end this way. Time has healed the pain, but I still keep the memory of my angel baby close to my heart.

Later in 2014, our Medical Assistant Alicia, only 25 years old and a mother of 2 young girls, passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident. Alicia was beyond sweet-the most personable woman with a beautiful smile, she was the most bubbly person I’ve ever met. More importantly, she was a wonderful mother. She adored her daughters and loved them more than anyone could. Everyday we talked about her daughters, her life revolved around those 2 little girls, her love for them was immeasurable.

I worked with Alicia for 5 years, we were pregnant at the same time and our daughters are now the same age. I mourned the loss of a dear friend, and also grieve for her 2 daughters and how they will never see their mother again. Fortunately the girls have a wonderful father who is taking care of them and doing a wonderful job.

Alicia’s death coincided with what would be the due date of the 3rd child that I miscarried, and the emotional pain weighed heavy on my heart. The outcome of the experiences of 2014 have made me a different person; it has deepened my appreciation for my husband and children. More than ever I am grateful for the people I have in my life. Knowing that life can change so drastically in an instant makes me put even more priorities into my family and personal life.

In early 2015, I was excited to find out I was pregnant again! Feelings mixed with caution knowing how fragile a pregnancy can be. I held off on telling people I was pregnant until we reached that magic 12 week mark so when my first trimester came and went, I breathed a sigh of relief. While I know a pregnancy is never “safe” the risk of miscarriages significantly decreases after 12 weeks.

My type-A personality could never fathom waiting until the birth of the baby to find out the sex, so we set up a gender ultrasound at 15 weeks. My husband is worse at waiting than I am, but for this time around I wanted to do a fun surprise. My husband said if he could find out the gender at the ultrasound then he would plan a surprise for me on mother’s day for the reveal. With out further adieu, take a look at what our tie breaker baby is going to be…


Someone wasn’t too happy about the results of the reveal but she has since become more excited about another baby in the house and another kiddo to boss around.