Dermaplaning: Painless & No downtime

posted on: April 23, 2015

Dermaplaning or Skin Blading is one of the most painless and effective ways to achieve smoother more vibrant looking skin. The procedure is simple involving a small and sterile surgical blade held against the skin at an angle and stroked along the surface of the face. The treatment is extremely safe and there is not much more risk than actually shaving your face. Skin blading removes the villous hairs as well as terminal hairs (for men). A question that may be of concern for this procedure is, “Will my hair grow back thicker if I have dermaplaining”? The answer is no, your villous hairs (thinner, soft hairs) will in time grow back, but it will not cause them to be thicker or darker. Skin blading is only performed on the face, not including the nose, eye lids, neck or chest. Blading can be performed as much as every 3-4 weeks but that is not always needed. After dermaplaning the skin can sometimes peel, but this is normal.

A very simple procedure which you can add to your skin care repertoire!