Skin Cancer and it’s Warning Signs for Beauty Professionals

posted on: November 4, 2014

Hair Dressers Spot Skin Cancers



I cannot tell you how many times my patients have told me: “I’m here beacuse my hair dresser noticed something in my scalp”. Hair Dressers are on the front line of spotting skin cancer in one of the hardest places to monitor: The Scalp. Next Monday, November 10th at 6pm,  I will be presenting a Heads Up! lecture from The Skin Cancer Foundation. If you’re in the beauty industry and would like to learn more about how to spot skin cancers come join us! It’s FREE to attend and I will be raffling off some goodies for attendants.

Details and How to Register: HERE



  • Ella

    Hi Erin!
    Could you possibly do a post about the difference between a physician assistant and a nurse practitioner? I am currently choosing between these two career paths. Everyone tells me how similar they are, but can’t seem to contrast them.