How Do Lasers To Work To Treat Acne?

posted on: August 11, 2014

Tribeam Before and After TreatmentMy Patient after 4 treatments with the TriBeam TriPeel Laser Treatment

Acne treatments are not one size fits all. If topical treatments are not working for you or if you are looking to accelerate your results laser treatments may be an option to consider.

There are many different lasers that may be used to treat acne, but typically they work in one of three ways:

  • The laser will heat overactive sebaceous (oil) glands causing them to shrink so they produce less oil.
  • Some acne is caused by bacteria that are normally found on your skin. The laser can destroy bacteria by creating oxygen within the trapped pore which destroys the bacteria causing the inflammation.
  • Lastly, some lasers shrink and clear out pores by exfoliating the superficial outer layer of dead skin cells.

In addition to helping prevent new acne from forming, some laser treatments can also help diminish the appearance of acne scars and hyperpigmentation.  These laser treatments accelerate the healing process and stimulate collagen remodeling, an important step in the long-term treatment of acne.

These type of laser treatments typically have very little downtime. The Tribeam Laser that I use in my office will make the skin slightly pink for a few hours but things are back to normal the next day.

So what’s the downside to this treatment? The cost. Insurance companies usually will not cover this procedure. Expect to fork over anywhere between $200-$400 per treatment.

It typically takes a series of treatments to see the best results. Laser treatments are by no means the end all be all as far as acne treatments go. Acne can be a very difficult condition to treat and you have to find out what treatment is best for you. If you are considering laser treatments for acne make sure your provider goes over all of your acne treatment options to ensure you are making an informed decision.

  • Laurel

    Great results! I started the tribeam with ziana and doxycycline last month. What topical was she on during this time if any? How far apart did she space her appointments? Was this over a course of 2 months or 4 months? Has she been able to maintain clear skin ? How often if ever does she have to go in for maintenance treatments?

    • Erin

      This patient was also on Ziana. She has her appointments spaced every 2 weeks over a course of 2 months. She had a follow-up appointment 2 months after her series of laser treatments and was still looking great. She is maintaining her results by continuing with Ziana.

  • Laurel

    Thank you so much for the response! I look forward to seeing my results !

  • Laurel

    One more question. Were her results gradual with each tribeam treatment? I have had 2 tribeam treatments and am still having new whiteheads appear daily. I have also been on ziana 1 month. After the first tribeam did she have fewer breakouts ? When do the tribeam laser treatments start showing positive impact on the skin? Is the tribeam and ziana starting to purge my skin after the second treatment and one month mark?

  • Laurel

    I guess just one more. I know the sun deactivates Ziana. Does all light deactivate Ziana? If I put Ziana on in the early evening and use lights to read or watch television am I deactivating the Ziana?

  • Erin

    Laurel- You really start seeing your best results with the tribeam after 4-5 treatments. Yes, results are gradual. Indoor lights will not deactiviate your Ziana. Acne is very frustrating. Stick with it and the results should come!