Beauty on a Budget: Don’t Break the Bank With Your Skin Care

posted on: April 10, 2014

Beauty skin care on a Budget Products

Walking down any beauty isle can be downright overwhelming (and the cost of a skin care regiment can add up quickly). Follow these tips on how not to break the bank on your skin care:

1. Don’t skimp on the sunscreen– Daily use of sunscreen will prevent sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles and brown spots. You’re sunscreen wears off a few hours so don’t forget to reapply!

2. More expensive skin care lines are not necessarily more effective– While there are some amazing quality products that are higher price points you can find great quality skin care products at the drug store too. Cetaphil Cleanser and Dove Soap are two cost effective products I really love.

3. Plain ol’ Vaseline– This is a very inexpensive project that has a multitude of uses. It can treat everything from dry/cracked feet, peeling nails and dry lips. You can use it to prevent chafing when running, apply it as diaper ointment and sooth kids scrapes and bumps.

4. Keep your routine simple– Do you really need 6 skin care products morning and night? What do all of those bottles even do? Recognize your concerns and make sure the products you are using are effective for those problems.

5. Two-for-One Products– Consider using products that have multiple functions such as a moisturizer plus a sunscreen.

6. More expensive products are not always more effective– While there are are many superb high price-point products there are many drug store products that work great as well.

7. Consistency is Key– Make sure you are doing something to your face morning and night. Even if it’s just cleansing and applying a sunscreen you must be consistent with your regiment to maintain your skin.