The Best Wide Brim Hats for Spring

posted on: February 27, 2014

Best wide brim hats

I have what can only be described as a full-fledged obsession for wide brim hats. The larger the brim the better. While they’re not the most practical for traveling (when I fly with a large hat my typical thought is: “please extra small overhead bin don’t squish my hat!”) I am always so happy I made the effort to bring it along with me. Sun exposure/sun damage is the worst thing you can do for your skin, especially on your face. While SPF is always a necessity for your skin, sun avoidance is even better. I live in Southern California and grew up going to the beach, Palm Springs, Lake Havasu and much more. I am not saying you have to be a hermit, lock yourself indoors and not enjoy the beautiful spring/summer activities in your area. You just have to be smart and try your best to protect yourself from the sun the best you can. Why not look fabulous while doing so? Here are my eight favorite hats to wear all spring/summer long.

1. Club Monaco “Lacey Sun Hat”– $79.50: Love the rich red color. Be adventurous and don’t choose the typical straw/black color.

2. Anthropologie “Canotier Floppy Hat”– $78: Most feminine of the bunch. Can you ever go wrong with a bow like that?

3. J.crew “Patterned Summer Straw Hat”– $39.50: This is my go to hat. I purchase a new one every spring after I’ve worn my last one to death. It’s wide enough to provide good sun protection but not too big and travels well.

4. Nordstroms, Eric Javits “GG Dame II Packable Sun Hat”– $125: This hat is great for traveling. Pops right back into place if it gets squished a little bit in your luggage. Love the classic two-toned color details

5. Goorin Bros. “Macey”– $55: This hat is very structured. Great classic look. Comes in a few colors but I prefer the hat in white.

6. Forever 21 “Standout Straw Sun Hat”– $14.80: Most affordable of the bunch. Love the pink color and the ombre-ish effect.

7. Old Navy “Floppy Straw Sun Hat”– $17.94: Classic straw floppy hat at a great price.

8. Urban Outfitters “Braided Straw Floppy Hat”– $34: Light-weight and floppy. Great for every day use.