5 Skin Tips- Dryness

posted on: January 24, 2014

Since we still have a few months of  dry skin cold weather left (except in Southern California where this whole week it’s been in the 80’s and it’s putting a little hitch in my son’s winter wonderland 1st bday this weekend- but I guess that’s a relativity good problem to have compared to the rest of the country)  I thought I’d focus on some tips for dry skin problems.

1. Shave off your dry skin. Don’t you hate when you put on your liquid foundation or powder on top of dry or peeling skin and it just makes it look worse? I find this is especially annoying after you have had a pimple and the swelling from the pimple subsides leaving that peeling skin behind. You may try to use tweezers to pull off the dead skin but this usually just ends up pulling up a new piece of skin. A simple solution to this problem is to shave over the area. This will gently exfoliate the area taking off most of the dead skin. Don’t worry about the hair around it growing in thicker (it won’t happen).

2. Keep your nails moisturized too. Prevent your nails from breaking, splitting and peeling by moisturizing them just like your skin. Think of your nails like dry skin, when you moisturize the dryness temporally goes away but when you stop it comes back. That twice a month manicure just isn’t cutting it. Make sure you are moisturizing your hands, cuticles and nails very well, multiple times a day if needed. The skin on the hands is very thick so make sure you are choosing an ultra-moistuizing product like Neutrogena Hand Cream.

3. Dry/Flakey Scalp? Wash your hair more often. You may think that if you notice some flakes in your scalp that your scalp is dry and you should not wash your hair as often because you feel it’s drying out your scalp. In actuality is usually a build-up of dead skin opposed to dry skin. Common Dandruff or Seborrheic dermatitis can be improved buy throughly cleansing your scalp with shampoos that have anti-yeast or salicylic acid ingredients.

4. Overall dry skin? Turn down the temperature in the shower. A long hot shower can be amazing but when your skin is dry it can make it worse. Stick to shorter warm showers to combat dryness. Also, make sure you are applying moisturizers right after you get out of the shower when your skin is still a little damp. This can help lock in moisture.

5. Is your dry skin painful and cracked? You may have eczema. If your over the counter creams and lotions aren’t cutting it then make an appointment with your dermatology office to see if you need a prescription strength cortisone treatment.


  • Jess

    I currently see a dermatologist here in Canada for my Ichthyosis, he has not been able to suggest my sort of treatment other then using Alpha Hydroxy lotion right after showering and through the day. Since your post is about dry skin I just wondered if you might have any other simple suggestions to combat such dry, painful skin.

    • Erin

      Have you tried wet wraps? It utilizes water to moisturize the skin better. If you have a trouble area (say your legs/feet). Soak them in warm water for 10 minutes. Lightly pat dry and cover your skin with a thick moisturizer moisturizer like vaseline or aquaphor. Cover the area with a warm wet towel that you’ve wrung out. Cover the area for 20 minutes with the towel. When you remove the towel rub in the remaining moisturizer and that may help. Good luck!